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Real Estate

RE’s operations have always represented an important percentage of the Firm’s activity, by providing assistance and advice in real estate development operations with a particular focus on commercial, industrial and hotel properties, as well as providing assistance to engineering and design companies that deal with both works for private clients and public procurement (such as the Passante di Mestre, the “GRA” of Padua, the bridge over the Strait of Messina). The Firm assisted and advised one of the most important cultural foundations in Venice during the restoration of its headquarters, a building subject to constraints under the Regulation of Cultural Heritage.

The personal commitment of some partners of the Firm to the preservation of historical and artistic heritage, as well as relationships with lucky owners or enlightened entrepreneurs, led to the full success of interesting operations of protection and restoration of private and public buildings. The law Franceschini that introduced the art bonus has widened the field of private contributors in support of the public patrimony, opening a new important area of intersection between economic and cultural interests.

The experience achieved in the corporate area and the competence of the fiscal and tax department resulted in valued advices in the areas of construction or management of non-residential properties. The close relationship between real estate issues and fiscal and corporate implications results in tailored client support in operations with a strong impact on the business, corporate and tax areas, such as spin-offs, creation of shopping centres, management companies, support for real estate companies of consortia or purpose cooperatives, sales of real estate as well as sales of business units.

The trend towards refitting commercial real estate and regional legislation that sometimes requires the use of technology to reduce environmental impact in both new construction and renovation, requires the application of legal instruments to ensure that the use of energy-efficient technologies in real estate investment is not a cost but a value-added component.

The new structure of public incentives for electricity production plants from photovoltaic conversion has created a more interesting space for the enhancement of the real estate represented by the surfaces in coverage of industrial and commercial buildings. The Industry 4.0 legislation has created interesting interactions in the real estate field.

Whenever possible, it’s enhanced the opportunity to assist and advice the client traditionally engaged in Real Estate in operations of corporate structuring and exploitation of tax bonus resulting from the implementation and usage of renewable energy sources, trigeneration plants, high performance or high efficiency plants, but also to draw up agreements by which clients dealing with energy production use real estate structures of industrial and commercial type to install plant in return for economic contribution.

A brief overview on RE operations:

  • Guidance with investment operations and industrial development: acquisition of land for urbanisation and the extension of industrial sites, transfer and acquisition of real estate for the extension and establishment of office areas, establishment of shopping centres and commercial parks.
  • Guidance with urbanisation procedures: contracts, authorisation and indemnity procedures and the management of contentious administrative cases.
  • Guidance with investments and optimisation of existing properties: acquisition of buildings and land in areas of outstanding natural beauty, consultation on the handover of property for hotel chains (with or without the related transfer), consultation in environmental urban matters and cultural goods, acquisition of factories and transformation projects where the use of real estate is changed, optimisation and extensions, transfer of buildings and agricultural business branches, optimisation of land and the acquisition, exploitation and transfer of shares for Controlled Origin Denomination wine-making.
  • Assistance and counsel in the contractual matters relating to real estate: preliminaries of buying and selling and complex exchanges, counsel on financial matters, divisions, acquisitions and restructuring, contracts regarding buildings in commercial areas (subcontracting, leasing, contracts of intellectual works, consultant contracts), and contracts relating to energy and the pursuit of independent power or the optimisation of roofing.
  • Counsel on real estate investment: international portfolios, registry issues, mortgages, cadastral matters and real estate issues.
  • Historical heritage: acquisitions, relationship with the Superintending bodies, advising on applicable law in each sector (seismic improvement, fire-protection refitting, structural refitting, change of designated use, exemptions for reuse and extension of usage for living, commercial or industrial purposes), exploiting business plan, O&M.
  • Museum Real Estate Heritage: assistance in enhancement, regulatory compliance, O&M of real estate for museum and exposition purposes.
  • Second life: acquisition and enhancement of real estate assets decommissioned by distressed owners.
  • Assistance in specific litigation: defects of buildings, breach of contracts concerning real estate.