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Power & Gas

The Firm has invested resources in this area since the beginning of the liberalisation of the market. This granted a knowledge of sectoral legislation that, accompanied with the knowledge of the market gained by supporting the clients in individual operations, assure the capability of advising medium and large companies in the power and gas market. The relationships built through the years ensure a quick and effective response, even to most practical matters.

We offer assistance in relations with ARERA, GRTN, Customs, local distributors and main players in the field for any issue concerning production, procurement, selling, transport, storage, measurement service and problems concerning net with compulsory interconnections.

Assistance to players in the field of renewable energy has followed the upward trend of this sector and allowed the Firm to grow with the players both in quantity and quality of engineering, procurement and construction operations, as well as of acquisitions, transfer or management of powerplants, with all due attention to the technical aspects of the business, so that we could master the whole subject beyond the mere juridical profile.

Operations connected to renewable energy have represented for the Firm a considerable amount in terms of transactions managed, before the regulatory changes that determined the crisis of such market. Today the Firm offers assistance in enhancing operations in Second Life market.

As is only natural, investments aiming energetic independence, complete or partial, have a peculiar relationship with real estate and corporate matters. Many counselling concern the implementation of plants to wide-ranging industrial or commercial properties, as well as the selling of SPVs or business units consisting of powerplants, or, again, the structuring of financial leverage operations. Such activity includes the management of corporate, administrative and tax profiles of particular sensitivity in operations between builders and pure investors.

Some of our interventions in the energy and gas field:

  • Buying contracts between wholesalers within Italy, abroad, and between Italian and foreign wholesalers for NG, LNG and Crude Oil.
  • Drawing up of general agreements for exploitation of regasification plants.
  • Drawing up of general agreements for exploitation of LNG’s extraction and import rights.
  • Drawing up of general conditions for contracts for the sale of Power and Gas.
  • Drawing up of sale contracts of Power and Gas to appropriate clients (DLT 164/00).
  • Assistance with the access procedure to the transport network and connection to the TERNA and ENEL networks.
  • Counsel and assistance in dealings with ARERA and with the operators of the international market.
  • Negotiation and drawing up of contracts for the development of renewable energy.
  • ESCO operations.
  • Counsel and assistance to businesses on the preparation of operations for the generation of Cip6 energy.
  • Counsel and assistance to businesses on profiting from the benefits of the use of energy from renewable sources, certificates and tradable “credits”.
  • Counsel and assistance regarding investments with a view to self-supply.
  • Import, supply and marketing contracts for vegetable oils and animal fats.
  • Counsel on excise duties and taxes.
  • Counsel on tax benefits in self-supply.
  • Counsel on incorporation of consortium companies for tax benefit entitlement.
  • Counsel regarding the management of business structures for the optimal assignment of financial resources (project financing).
  • Counsel regarding administrative authorisation necessary for building and operation ow powerplants.
  • Counsel regarding the takeover of SPVs entitled to the old incentive fees, their restructuring (including debt restructuring, if appropriate) and restoration of viability.