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growing green from the very beginning.

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The Firm

The Firm brings together associates and collaborators in a dynamic and close-knit team that has proven to be able to assist the customer with competence and speed. The control of every detail of the processes, whether it is the realization of a power line or the renovation of an historical asset, the planning of an investment or the verification of a production process, the organization of an art exhibition or the management of a private foundation, is the solid basis for building the path that allows the clients to achieve their goals.

Every client, Italian or foreign, finds full support thanks to the knowledge of the market, of the realities, even local and of the legislation applicable to the type of business he intends to deal with.

The client is always assisted by a partner in every operation that requires specialist competence in the field in which the partner practices, sustaining the legal competence with a basic knowledge of the field in which the client operates. The daily care of the customer’s interests and continuous interaction allows to share the spirit of enterprise and helps to ensure fast and effective targeted assistance. The legal service thus represents a greater opportunity for companies, as well as a continuous growth for us; customer satisfaction also comes from the fact that, to assist him at best, we know his work.

The Firm believes in the main Italian “natural resource” and supports wide-ranging projects in the cultural field, honoured to have made its contribution to joint ventures between top institutions in the way of art and operations to protect the Italian historical heritage.

The Firm believes in training and international relationships, and thus encourages them by welcoming Italian and foreign interns and contributing to the preparation of doctors and young lawyers, with a view to mutual growth.

The areas in which the Firm operates are different and business oriented, offering mainly out-of-court consulting and reserving the litigation only to cases in which the agreement is impossible.