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Commercial Law

The extensive experience achieved in assisting clients with daily business management allows us to deliver prompt drawing up of agreements reached by the parties in the negotiation of both everyday and more complex matters. Transposition in contractual terms of business agreements is always tailored to our client’s requirements, whilst providing for the optimisation of tax benefits.

The Firm is particularly proud for the frequency with which clients consult the professionals as strategic advisors for planning their business activity, even before than for drawing up contractual instruments. No better moment than the constant discussion with managing bodies to put at the service of clients the experience of professionals practicing commercial law. The greatest compliment ever from a client to his lawyer: “not just a lawyer, but a businessman too!”.

 We are attentive to contractual matters not only during the drafting process, but also in the planning and execution of commercial operations. We therefore allow our clients to resolve any doubts about the feasibility of any individual action and to avoid the potential for ongoing risk in the execution of the contract. We approach matters as a team in order to find the best and most efficient solutions.

Our real estate and energy experience, together with our expertise on tax and administrative issues, means we can offer our clients rounded advice in commercial matters.

It is this branch of law that offers scope for skilful, rapid, innovative and effective solutions for our clients.

A brief portfolio of our recent work in commercial matters:

  • Drafting of letters of intent prior to due diligence.
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Due diligence of business branches under acquisition.
  • Contracts for the lease or handover of companies or branches of companies.
  • Contracts regarding the completion of works (service contracts, construction contracts, supply of goods contracts, planning contracts, creation and management of industrial complex structures, plant maintenance contracts).
  • Purchase contracts for personal property.
  • Agency contracts for the procurement of business.
  • General conditions for contracts relating to the rendering of services and the sale of personal goods.
  • Counsel on insurance and transport contracts (assistance to integrated advanced logistics companies and carriers).
  • Counsel for the management of shopping centres and associated companies.
  • Contracts for the handover of company assets.