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Corporate Law

The firm offers advice and assistance on corporate matters, representing clients in complex transactions or supporting businesses in everyday situations, with internal management and the development of statutory business.

Legal and company aspects are tackled with a synergistic approach by lawyers and tax advisors.

We have assisted clients in mergers and acquisitions, splits and the transfer of power and of shareholdings.

We have provided counsel and represented clients in matters of company re-organisation.

We also guarantee assistance and advice to private clients in the incorporation and start-up phases of business, ensuring the fulfilment of bureaucratic and administrative formalities (including enrolment on relevant registers and records and the drawing up of resolutions for unique or unusual operations).

We offer assistance to both domestic, cross border and overseas companies on a daily basis in order to guarantee effective and immediate support to companies’ legal departments or to their managing bodies.

Even if out-of-court settlements are generally pursued, the Firm has achieved a relevant experience in litigation, both in arbitration or before the courts specialised in corporate law, including highly complicated lawsuits.

Appointment in companies’ supervisory or audit bodies is undertaken only in peculiar circumstances, in any case with due regard for the principle of independence.

A brief portfolio of recent transactions in corporate matters:

  • Advise on the creation of new businesses, including co-operatives and consortia.
  • Acquisitions, merges and splits.
  • Advice on the structuring of groups of affiliated and subsidiary companies.
  • Drafting of statutes, internal regulations and minutes of staff meetings.
  • Drafting of valuations.
  • Drafting of letters of intent and agreements for due diligence.
  • Due diligence on target companies in acquisitions.
  • Drafting of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Advice to businesses regarding responsibility and governance
  • Advice on matters of competition, brand names, patents and domain names.
  • Assistance in the re-organisation of companies experiencing financial difficulties.
  • Assistance in the planning and procedure of agreements, and the evaluation of agreements proposed by creditors, as well as in insolvency procedures.
  • Stock option contracts.

Assistance in the negotiation of joint venture agreements and the subsequent drafting.