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Fine Arts

Private and institutional clients, Italian or foreign have recourse to BCL Partners as expert advisor, reliable and helpful, able to take care of al matters connected to usage, enhancement or management of historical and cultural heritage, be it real estate or securities, ancient, modern, contemporary, on commission or site specific.

In the last twenty years we’ve been involved in some fascinating projects of this area, giving assistance with regard to:

  • Buying and selling, as well as restructuring of real estate subject to historical and cultural constraints.
  • Failures to report (the transfer of historical r.e. to the superintendence) and regularisation.
  • Fine arts property (purchase, selling, commissioning).
  • Temporary import of fine arts.
  • Statements to Ministry and Superintendence.
  • Exhibits’ organisation, lending of fine arts to and from public bodies and institutions, both Italian and foreign (U.S.A., E.U., Eurasian Customs Union areas).
  • Fine arts insurance.
  • Fine arts sea, air and land transportation, armed guard and all the due international authorisations.
  • Assistance and coordination of customs’ operations.
  • Tax counselling concerning investments in fine arts and fine arts circulation.
  • Counsel and assistance in administration, management and protection of cultural heritage and cultural activities.
  • Counsel and coordination, both general and apical of subjects involved in events opened to the public (curators, communication agencies, stagers, safety of people and places, safety of goods).
  • Assistance and counselling to museums and public bodies.
  • Assistance and counselling concerning the management of the first of six national pavilions in the Giardini della Biennale di Venezia, subject to constraint under the (at the time) 1939’s regulation.