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Non Profit Sector

The firm offers assistance and counsel to organisations in the Not for Profit Sector, consistently supporting them in matters of internal management and organisation as well as in the development of institutional activity. The counsel can be keyed towards the business’ general activity in the Not for Profit Sector, or look at specifically determined objectives within it. It works with bodies such as NGOs, voluntary organisations, social cooperatives, amateur sporting associations, non-profit or non-commercial organisations and social welfare organisations.

The specific services in which we offer:

  • Drafting of legal opinions and close examination of matters relating to the organsations’ activities and to the Not for Profit Sector more generally.
  • Structural and organisational legal analysis of companies, suited to their specific activities and the fulfillment of relevant procedural formalities.
  • Assistance and counsel regarding the preparation and drafting of statutes and internal regulations, minutes and drafts of resolutions.
  • Assistance and counsel to organisations which are starting up.
  • Drafting and drawing up of agreements for both public and private bodies.
  • Design and management of fundraising activities keyed towards the collection of both public and private contributions.
  • Analysis and drawing up of projects intended for grant applications to public bodies and foundations.
  • Analysis and arrangement of feasibility studies.
  • Counsel in tax matters (donations, contributions, systems applicable to institutional activity or connected to the organisation) in the sector.