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Intellectual Property

Over the years  Firm has achieved a significant experience in the fields of industrial and intellectual property, information technology and copyright, offering to its clients both out-of-court counseilng and both assistance in litigation.

The location of the Firm’s headquarters in an area strongly committed to food, wine and spirits production, prominent in the national and international scene, along with the fast evolution of both Italian and European regulatory landscape, has allowed the acquisition of a specific expertise in offering assistance, both in court and out-of-court, for matters pertaining to the regulation and daily management issues concerning the Protected Designations of Origin and the Geographical Indications, as well as, in general, for the aspects interfering with IP areas concerning production and commercialisation of such kind of products.

On the other hand, once again by virtue of the geographical privileged position, in an area strongly suited for manufacturing and industrial production too, the Firm continuously assists small and medium enterprises, innovative startups and companies in all matters, both out-of-court and in litigation, concerning the protection of trademarks, patents and other industrial or intellectual property rights. Particularly, the quick development of new type of companies, such as innovative PMIs and startups, has made indispensable for the entrepreneur a deeper focus on all IP aspects that, in the past, were generally neglected. The awareness about the importance of achieving a strong protection in the IP field, or, in case of innovative startups, the need of applying for the appropriate patents and intellectual property rights, has allowed the Firm to accrue an extensive expertise that grants, in collaboration with advisors and technicians, the ability to assist the client from the very early stages of projects’ development to the preliminary research activities needed for patents, trademarks and industrial or intellectual property rights registration, assisting the client in all the procedure up to the definitive issuing of the appropriate IP right, as well as in the potential litigation.

In the area of copyright the Firm has achieved a specific experience concerning the protection of fine art, the engineering and implementation of software, as well as the record production and music publishing.

A brief portfolio of activities in IP and IT areas:

  • Litigation in counterfeiting and unfair competition
  • Litigation in matters concerning invalidity of trademarks and patents
  • Litigation concerning Protected Designations of Origin, Geographical Indications and their interfering with earlier trademarks, both in national and European perspective
  • Assistance in innovative startups and companies incorporation and trademark or patent registration
  • Licence of use contracts for patents or trademarks
  • Software’s engineering and implementation contracts
  • Record production and music publishing contracts
  • Legal aspects concerning engineering and implementation of ecommerce websites
  • Out-of-court assistance and contracts’ drawing-up for fine art commissioning and trading